10 tips for you to start safe and finish clean.

Safety First, Clean Always: Discover xTool's laser solutions!


Keep watching

Never leave your laser unattended while it is running in case of fire.


Proper material setting is a guarantee

Appropriate parameters can not only ensure the perfection of the work but also avoid potential safety hazards.

Free material setting solution


Always have a fire extinguisher nearby

Always keep a spray bottle, C02 fire extinguisher or a fire blanket within arms reach of your laser.

xTool fire safety solution


Eye protection is a necessity

Wear eye protection within the ranges of 180nm-540nm any time you are working with an active laser.


Laser Enclosure for all-around protection

Utilizing an enclosure that surrounds the entire laser will eliminate the risk of accidental injury to people and pets by ensuring debris remains within the enclosure.

xTool enclosure


Prepare for ventilation

Lasers create fumes and smoke. It is important to create a proper ventilation system to ensure respiratory safetly. Ventilation could be through a window or an air purifying system.

xTool ventilation solution


Air assist for cleaning cutting

xTool's Air Assist for lasering offers a 30L/min wind output, preventing smoke, distortion, and discoloration, ensuring clean cuts and smooth finishes. Upgrade your engraving and cutting with this tool.

xTool clean cutting solution


Cleaning after lasering

It is important to clean the scraps, debris and dust from your working area after each project. This will reduce the risk of fire and/or exposure to harmful fumes or particles.

xTool portable vacuum


Maintenance for a longer life span

Dust and debris can accumulate within the machine and cause reduced efficiency, decreased performance, and potential damage.

xTool's solution


Read the manual

Read the safety and operating instructions thoroughly prior to using the laser. Make sure you follow all the limits and know all the risks of operating your laser.

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